independent consultants


Accounting is more than a set of regulatory requirements. Properly implemented, it is a tool that gives companies a clear vision of their operations and helps them take informed decisions for their future.
We are able to assist you from the early stages of setting up your company to the scaling of its accounting systems and internal controls.


Other than fries, waffles, and chocolate, Belgium is renowned for its high tax rates. Having access to knowledgeable people to optimize your fiscal positions is therefore paramount.
We have such people.


We can not promise you a perfect answer to your problem. Most complex questions have no single perfect answer. We focus on giving the best cutting edge advice which is why we maintain close ties with both academia and industry worlds. It is, we believe, the only way to ensure long term growth for your company. We are result oriented. We are not done until an assignment is completed and delivered.


Sometimes, the facts are there but minds are not yet ready to accept them. The 500 million people living in the European Union's 28 member countries have their lives shaped by decisions made in Brussels through the work of some 40 000 men and women living in the capital of Europe. We reach out to them in order to make the best impact at a continental scale.